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Public Relations

Good Public Relations is about relationship building through communication. At Vista, we want to build new relationships and develop existing ones. We do this by keeping our employees, our customers, and our potential customers informed about the services we provide, the management of those services, and the future growth of our company.

We realize the importance of being responsible global citizens, so we participate in green programs, such as Green Key Global and IHG Green Engage, to promote energy savings and reduce the energy and water impact on our planet.

We take pride in our properties and our associates who work there. When a hotel receives awards, like the Holiday Inn Binghamton did in 2014 and 2015 with a Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence, we want to get the word out. When tragedy strikes, like the devastation that was caused by Super Storm Sandy when it slammed the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in 2012; we want to get that information out there as well. We want to communicate to everyone that at Vista, we are doing what it takes to succeed and we rise to meet and overcome the challenges we face.

We are proud of the Vista Team and all that they accomplish, but our success drives us to do more. Ally and Amin Visram remember well the example set by their parents, Malekkhanu and Sherali Fazal Visram, who taught them the importance of generosity. REACH by the Visram Foundation, is a charitable foundation in India established by Amin and Ally that provides underprivileged girls with housing, education, food, and healthcare. Each of our properties promote and support the work of REACH.

Excellent hospitality experiences for our guests are the primary importance to Vista, but equally important is our corporate social responsibility and a sincere interest in our communities.

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