team creation

Team Creation

Vista begins the process of Team Creation by empowering our employees. We focus on one or more of many distinct property management issues such as modernizing hotels, financial or distressed properties, or guest experience/rankings with brands. We then involve employees in planning and decision making; they participate in problem solving and strategizing, establishing procedures and implementing changes.

Team creation provides a foundation upon which employees develop and understand the concept of working together as a cohesive unit for the common good of a business. In order to fulfill the intended role of improving effectiveness, it is critical that individual employees develop into teams that are focused on one goal and mission, whether it be improving customer service, renovating hotels or improving the bottom line. Team creation promotes ownership and loyalty and with this approach, employees take personal responsibility for success.

When Vista gives its time and efforts to team creation, the priorities of the business become primary and the personal goals of the individual become secondary. With Team Creation, employees become part of the process; the results of which are success in achieving the mission and goals of the organization. The secondary effects of which are that employees' personal goals are met since "a rising tide lifts all boats" 1. Vista Team Creation is a win-win scenario for both employers and employees in property management.

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